Left to right: Jenny Howard, physical therapist assistant; Heather Workman, director of rehab; Mark Moore; and Neil Melvin, occupational therapist assistant

Mark Moore was at home, newly retired from working at an auto plant for 20 years, when he suffered a massive stroke, bringing him into the care of Life Care Center of Morehead, Kentucky, in July 2019.


Moore’s stroke affected his left side, leaving it flaccid and causing him difficulty with swallowing, cognition deficits and general trouble using his left side. He needed moderate assistance with transfers such as getting out of bed, and he needed a lot of help with getting dressed. He was also unable to walk.


Rehabilitation helped turn things around for Moore.


Speech therapy helped Moore with cognition and attention span, and the therapists also used VitalStim electrical stimulation to improve his swallowing.


Physical and occupational therapists addressed Moore’s muscle weakness by using electrical stimulation on his arms, hands, legs and feet. They also did therapeutic exercises with him and worked on functional tasks and activities to help him get home safely.


“Mr. Moore worked super hard,” said Heather Workman, director of rehab. “He was always up for a challenge and was highly motivated each morning for his treatment sessions. I enjoy working with recent strokes because you get to see improvements almost daily in the return of function.”


Moore returned home on Oct. 4. He can now walk outside and up and down steps using a straight cane and someone standing beside him to steady him. He can transfer and move around in bed with someone standing by and needs minimal assistance for getting dressed. His oral motor function has also improved significantly for speech and swallowing.


“I appreciate all of the therapy staff for taking their time with me,” said Moore. “I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for them.”