Betty Hall

Betty Hall is home and walking again, thanks to rehabilitation at Life Care Center of Morehead, Kentucky.


Hall arrived at the facility on Jan. 16, 2019, after suffering a fall at home that broke her left leg. The injury put a pause on her independent lifestyle.


On evaluation, Hall needed maximum assistance for lower-body dressing and was unable to walk. She needed moderate assistance to transfer from one surface to another, such as from her bed to a chair, and she needed total assistance with all her activities of daily living.


Hall took part in all three therapy disciplines – physical, occupational and speech. PTs and OTs worked with her to regain strength and balance, as well as to reduce her pain and improve her ADLs. Speech therapists worked with her on attention and memory, as well as safety.


“Betty had an outgoing personality and ambition to get better and return home to enjoy hobbies like shopping, all while being motivated by her husband at her side,” said Heather Workman, director of rehab.


Hall returned home with home health on April 25, able to walk up to 350 feet with a rolling walker and standby assistance. She also needed standby assistance for transfers and was able to go up and down four steps using a handrail. She needed just a little assistance and steadying for her lower-body dressings.